Child Rights

Children of today will lead the nation tomorrow, but if their child hood in not complete, they might not to be able to lead the country to peace and prosperity, with keeping this in mind Ujwala starts child right protection works in 1993. In this way did many programs.

  • • Non formal education centers.
  • • National child labour schools.
  • • Children camps/workshops.
  • • Formation of children sangha’s.
  • • Awareness programs and campaigns against child marriages and child prostitutions.
  • • Health camps.


Education plays a great role in the life of everyone, getting proper education is very necessary to get success and happy life just like food, water, shelter etc. In 1995 organization starts non formal education center at vijaypur, did many programs and sensitized peoples about importance of education in development of a person, with support of 27 free volunteers.

1995 CRY supported us to extend our service, in that project did 1,200 child labours and school dropout children to main stream by taking evening non-formal education classes.

1996 to 2013 with support of NCLP (National child labor project) given Non formal education through special child labour school and get 352 children to mainstream education.

From 2013 with support of Child line India, our work is going smoothly, until whole society stand up for the protection of child rights, our organization will stand with needy children.

India Literacy Project

From 2015 with collaboration of India Literacy project(ILP) we are strenghening anganawadies and school system, increase the quality of education, decrease school dropouts at sindagi taluka 36 villages(tandas/vasatis).

Doing activities like
• Gram panchayat members and anganavadi teachers training.
• Proividing play and education materials to anganawadis and schools.
• Children gram sabhas.
• Best performing awards to anganawadi and school teachers.
• Trainings to adolescent girls.

Rural Development

For India’s economy to be strong the rural economy needs to grow because70 % of people Indians are in villages. Rural areas are still plagued by problems of malnourishment, illiteracy, unemployment and lack of basic infrastructure like school, colleges, hospitals, sanitations etc. This has led to youth moving out of villages to work in cities.

Women and child development, health, education, empowerment are part of rural development. Government is providing many facilities for rural areas but in our system some loopholes are making many programs not reaching to needy people. So in 2005 we formed 30 (VHC) Village health committees at jamakhandi taluka , they all working for their village overall development. In 2007 they built taluka network also. From these committees slowly their villagers are getting some govt benefits smoothly more than before and initially all VHSC’s supported to NMD also.

Sustainable Agriculture

65-70% of Indians are depended on agricultural activities. Farmers are back bone of our country, but now a days our back bone becoming very week, we all seeing many sucide cases of farmers in our Karnataka. We have to motivate natural farming. Mixed crop growing system etc. So our organization starts project NAMMURU at Vijayapur district Near devarahipparagi. Here we are growing above 500 plants, vegitabeles etc without using fertilizers. In this project we are planning to make one model and training centre for local farmers about how to make sustainable and profitable agriculture.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is a burning issue in India. “Women empowerment and women equality with men is a universal issue. Creation of an environment for women where they can make decisions for their personal benefits as well as for the society. We have to create an atmosphere for women like.

• Freely live their life with a sense of self worth, respect and dignity.
• To have complete control of their life both inside and outside of their home.
• To make own choice and decisions for welfare of her carrier.
• To determine financial and economical choice.

This type of environment will help for whole development of mankind. Nowadays we are seeing some changes in our society, women are even ahead of men in many socio-economic activities. But in 1990s we saw lot of problems to women from our cultured society, especially in making decision of marriage, education, self employment etc.

So organization stepped on for development of women, did Skill development programs,32 SHG’s formations. Till today Stopped 907 child marriages. Organization faced many problems from politicians, public etc.

One sad part of our journey is that we are seeing lots of problems facing women. Child marriage are happening now today daily life. So until irradication of these issues like child marriage, women harassment, abuses, atrocities etc , organization will fight against this. Now Organization continues stopping child marriages, counseling and advocacies to community and guiding them with proper care. Giving training to SHGs for their economical support. Family counseling in harassment cases etc.


Environment is the source of life. It determines the existences growth and development of human being and all their activities. The quality of our social life depends mostly on the quality of the natural environment. Primitive man was dependent for its existence (food, water and shelter etc) on the environment around him from geographical point of view environment includes the entire range of external influences both physical and biological that affects the life and death of organism.

Geographically our district is dry land area 70 % of formers depended on rain for agriculture work, so we have to protect our environment, but in our Vijayapur and Bagalkot district have total 5 rivers, this is also problem, because in rainy season these rivers makes flood, that will be so much of problem for river belt villagers and the other side in some areas there are many villages are not getting drinking water also.

So organization doing sensitization works to protect environment, and in flood time our team is always with flood affected people, in 2005 with the support of TDH (Tere Desh Home) we provided basic needs like food grains, clothes, blankets, educational materials to people and 200 children at Jamakhandi taluka.

Year by year temperature is increasing in our atmosphere we may call it as global warming but we are all the part of it. So from May 2016 we start a special work on it, the name called “Usirigagi Hasiru”.

Usirigagi Hasiru

In this program we planned to grow thousands of trees in our working areas. Since from long years government has been doing many plantation works but after few days trees have been disappearing, so we thought that if everyone grow a tree with their emotions than lack of trees problem will be solvable, so we starts speaking about this in three categories.

1. Chiguru Hasiru

Means our team finding new born babies houses, motivating the parents to grow a tree on the name of that child, that tree will be a gift for the child in future, and we connecting the people to tree with emotionally and explaining the importance, necessity of trees in our future life.

2. Nava Hasiru

finding newly married couples motivating them to grow a tree for their wedding memory.

3. Sandya Hasiru

Finding old agers and grand children’s and motivating them to grow a tree in the name of their grand mother/father’s memory.

4. Swamiji Hasiru

In our area people have a lots of faith on swamijies and their words, so we doing advocacy with swamijies to speak about trees and give a tree for their followers to grow trees.

We are planning to use modern technologies like face book, whatsapp etc to increase environmental peace. So finally our goal is to grow trees, make peaceful good atmosphere. We hope these activities will move like a Movement in future.


“Health is Wealth” is a famous proverb which means if one maintains their health they get everything in life. In order to keep healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, socialy and intellectually, we need to be active on daily basis including well maintained diet, exercises, positive thinking and fallow good habits. We need to be disciplined in every walk of life.

Since from 1995 with collaboration of many donar agencies like SIAAP, KSAPS, ICHAP,KHPT, Organization did HIV/AIDS prevention Programs in Bijapur and Bagalkot District. Provided needful HIV/AIDS and all health awareness a, care and support services to pregnant women, HIV infected people and infected, affected children. Many Health awareness programs like Health camps, Advocacy meetings etc were done. Now also doing many activities to Migrants in Bijapur district for prevention of HIV in migrants and truckers.

From 2008 Namma Makkala Dhama (NMD) is running successfully, with support of Local community and socially concerned peoples. It is a HIV/AIDS affected and Infected Children care and support center, now it is located at NAMMUR Project, on NH-218 highway of Vijapur to Gulbarga road between deveara hipparagi and padaganur village. From this center 75 children rehabilitated to nearest relatives, now 12 children getting services.